So when you are ready to find your perfect laminate flooring, call Wilmington, N.C. best choice for laminate floors. 1. The hollow sound is because the floor is floating. The theory seems OK, though why did the floating floor in my daughter's previous house, and some … 6 Hollow pot floor; 7 Raised floor; 8 Plenum; 9 Floating floor; 10 Sprung floor; 11 Separating floor; 12 Related articles on Designing Buildings Wiki. Answer Save. Another is to act as a sound-dampener. 0000012516 00000 n What Is A Studio Floating Floor? 24. For that deadened effect, interlocking floor mats will be effective only alongside other soundproofing materials such as floor underlayment and carpet. 0000010402 00000 n The underlayment pads a laminate floor much in the same way that a pad works under carpet, adding give for extra comfort and insulation for overall warmth. 75 0 obj <>stream Under the Floor. To make the laminate sound less hollow always use the best acoustical underlayment. 0000068983 00000 n And yes, click-lock floors are floating systems. 0000013636 00000 n Any parts of the subfloor that are not level will contribute to an uneven floor board that’s results in a “hollow” or “tinny sound.” Foam underlayments are traditionally used Sun Sep 13, 2020 6:38 pm. Other than these tips the only other thing would be to install a cork sub-floor before installing your laminate floors. An alternative is to put a strip of rubber underneath the floor slabs. Membranes will normally cause a hollow sound. Although the interlocking floor mats do not give a full-sound deadened effect, they achieve a whole lot. It reduces the hollow percussive sound produced by footfalls when laminate flooring is floated over a subfloor without underlayment. Most hollow spots or […] They may attach with glue or by snapping together. 0000017143 00000 n Floor coverings like laminate, luxury vinyl or engineered wood flooring may be snapped together to create a one-piece uniform surface, rather like a jigsaw puzzle. of these is floating floors where the flooring is often clipped together or glued at T&G board edges, but not fixed to the sub-floor. The main reason a floor sounds hollow is when the plank bridges a valley or dip in the subfloor, thus creating an air pocket. Reduces noise in today’s active households & minimizes the hollow sound associated with floating floors. Flooring that is adhered to an acoustic underlay can also sound drummy and in this instance it may be associated with acoustic underlay and slab. Obviously it’s a little hollow in that area. Relevance. Underlayment adds a feeling of solidity and comfort to the floor. 0000013186 00000 n 0000021965 00000 n When installing a floating floor, there is traditionally a foam layer installed between the subfloor and the engineered hardwood. Carpet, with an NRC rating of .40–.50 is the most efficient absorptive material. 0000010624 00000 n 4 Answers. %PDF-1.7 %���� Crystal Carpets will not only offer you the best discount flooring deals but we will also help make your laminate flooring not sound so hollow. 0000113287 00000 n 0000002655 00000 n Floating Engineered Wood or Laminate Flooring. In this home, the wood flooring was actually an upgrade from the 3/8-inch-thick, 3-inch-wide, three-ply engineered plank often installed in subdivisions. It's just where the bodies have been buried. 0000049817 00000 n 0000071349 00000 n LivingFamilyBedroomBathKitchenDiningOfficeHallwayMultiple RoomsCommercial Browse Forums. 0000086031 00000 n If all of the floor sounds hollow or a portion of the floor sounds hollow, then it might be due to the materials and configuration of the tile assembly below. For the Following Room/Area... Floorlot®: Blue™ helps quiet sounds from foot traffic. Created with Sketch. … If your planks bridge low spots in the slab, you will hear the planks bottom out when you walk across them and you'll hear hollow sounds more when you tap the floor with gaps under it. Hollow-core slabs and wall elements without prestressed steel wire can be formed by extruders. What causes this and is it a structural problem? Laminate flooring is a good alternative to real hardwood flooring or ceramic tile. Certain areas of the poured concrete basement floors seem "hollow". 0000071418 00000 n The Challenge These floors don’t face the stress of foot traffic or the constant sunlight that can fade solid and engi­neered wood. Floating floors are not a floor covering itself, but rather a method of installing planks, boards and sometimes tile flooring. 0000009906 00000 n Shown below, this is the best floating floor underlayment we carry. Secondly the thickness of the laminate helps with the hollow sound. 6:38 pm #1. adrian20. The original floor was concrete, and this had levelling compound put on top, a floor fitters request. One other tip to fight off the hollow sound from a floating floor, is to put down some area rugs on top of the laminate floors. The rubber helps airborne and impact sound from transmitting from one structure to another, very similar to the Genie Clip system we used in the walls and ceiling. 7 Tracks. nÁ��N+2X������ 0lHahjc�cy����`����͐����B��mAq�1��z�kxެ �{x�A��-���Ij���1��a2`OԵQw�T���A���@�3@B Please leave this field empty. The laminate floor has many qualities, but there is one thing we hear people consistently dislike about laminate flooring. 18 0 obj <> endobj The obvious benefit of soundproofing a vinyl floor with a quality underlayment is that you can enjoy many of the impact soundproofing benefits of a carpeted floor without having to actually lay down carpet, and you will be able to effectively block airborne noise as well. It seems there is something wrong when I can hear my wife walking in the basement from upstairs. The laminate floors can normally be reused for another area if taken up with some care. Rather, it is a method of installing a floor. I frequently get calls from homeowners who have found that some of their floor tiles sound hollow when tapped on with a metal instrument like a screwdriver or a pocket knife. With floating wood floors such as laminate, floating bamboo, rigid PVC core vinyl planks and wood/plastic; the underlayment is not attached to the subfloor or floor. Building A New House › hybrid floors sound hollow/slappy. 0000008904 00000 n We have try to combat this dislike and help find happy solutions. July 4/11, 2016; Volume 30, Number 27 By John Brown One of the most frequent consumer complaints about hardwood flooring installations is the common creaky, hollow-sounding floor that can develop once the job is complete. Ensure that the concrete slab on top of the insulation is totally separated from the surrounding walls. Unfortunately, since pre-engineer floors are typically floating, you cannot eleminate that hollow sound. Is hollow sounding floor tile a slab foundation problem? Likewise, sound from below migrates through ceilings to the floor … Flooring sound transmittal is an upstairs, downstairs, and everywhere problem.Footfall, music, TV, play, and other noises carry down to the floor below. Glue down hardwood flooring often sounds more like real solid hardwood flooring than floating floors do. In fact, all 3 types of real wood sound and feel the same, as long as they are installed exactly as per the manufacturers instructions. Floating floors can be pieced together like a puzzle — leading to a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach by el… Underlayment is a necessary component of any laminate flooring or engineered hardwood installation. <<52E23CE57073EE4F845F28773E89A3A5>]/Prev 516996>> The Procedure. Afterwards the floating floor was installed on the same base floor (Fig. The Best Time to Call? You can’t always find the exact pattern in a 12mm. 0000071513 00000 n Sound Solution® LV Multipurpose Underlayment is your answer for a quieter floor. 0000049119 00000 n Building A New House. Junior Member. 0000085489 00000 n 0000004343 00000 n This also would help but it takes away from the economical plus to laminate flooring. Share. Wood is a popular flooring option, but it can play havoc with a room’s acoustics. Please leave this field empty. xref Rahonui writes... By definition it moves with the temperature/humidity. 0000015531 00000 n There's a more dense sound vs a hollow sounding floor. A tile floor over a wood subfloor will sound more like a hollow sound compared to a tile floor installed directly to a concrete slab. An effective floating floor has as a heavy top layer and soft bottom layer. However, there are a few pre-engineered floors which are allowed to be directly glues to the concrete slab. 0000018298 00000 n Such as a mircoenzyme built in to prevent mildews spores from forming. There is no getting around the fact that a floating floor sounds hollow. Raymundo Villegas. Floating floors can be noisy, sometimes creaking under loading, and they can give a hollow sound when walked on compared to the more solid sound experienced when walking on a fixed floor. 0000113049 00000 n The impact sound insulation properties of a floor/ceiling structure (including the flooring) are usually tested by measuring the transmitted sound in a room below while a standard "hammer machine" bangs on the floor above. 0000087964 00000 n The short answer is: no, hollow sounding tiles is not an indicator of a foundation … Continue reading "Hollow Sounding Floor Tile" The results of the test are rated in terms of the Impact Insulation Class (IIC). Floating floor is not a type of flooring. Cupping is due to moisture. For this particular project, the wood flooring was 9/16 inch-thick, 5-inch-wide, five-ply engineered plank. endstream endobj 19 0 obj <>>>/Metadata 16 0 R/OpenAction 20 0 R/Outlines 11 0 R/PageLayout/SinglePage/Pages 15 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 20 0 obj <> endobj 21 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Tabs/W/Thumb 12 0 R/Trans<>/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 22 0 obj <> endobj 23 0 obj [/ICCBased 50 0 R] endobj 24 0 obj <>stream Because of the way it is installed there isn’t a hollow sound when walking across the floor or a spongy feel, this is something that can be an issue with floating floors if they aren’t installed perfectly and with optimal conditions. Other than these tips the only other thing would be to install a cork sub-floor before installing your laminate floors. 0000112212 00000 n The movement causes sounds. The top layer of flooring is only the tip of the iceberg for flooring sound … Page 1 of 1 0 replies. h�b```f``[�������A���bl,g̷^�w(����4��[2]�Xr����&�%�@"���%AO�K�?h�\�h��I.��P8`lf㴴4��n �d`�qH��XD���Ŏ1�! ��in�]�J��X���a�� � RTz A hollow sound when walking on floors is much more common with laminate flooring than it is with vinyl flooring. 0000088353 00000 n 3). Back to Building A New House Next topic | Previous topic. How to Eliminate Echoing With Wood Floors. More. 0000011756 00000 n hybrid floors sound hollow/slappy. 0000112655 00000 n One is to act as a moisture barrier. 0000015372 00000 n 13/09/2020. Here are somethings to consider when you purchase your next laminate flooring. Sound Solution is made of high-density acoustic foam that is engineered to absorb and deaden sound. In any case, glued down will tend to feel a bit more solid. 0000000016 00000 n 0000021896 00000 n 0000013661 00000 n 0000015506 00000 n Even a child can weigh enough to make tongue-and-groove flooring seams rub together imperceptibly, producing annoyingly loud noises. Other common causes for hollow and loose spots are neglecting to apply the correct amount of adhesive or not ensuring the flooring is in contact with the adhesive during the curing process. Reply. Walking across a floating wood … View sound ratings for glue down and nail down flooring. 0000115721 00000 n startxref 0000015934 00000 n 0 It sits freely on the floor below, allowing space for movement and vibration absorption. 0000022063 00000 n when building the home the contractor put a heavy pallet of floor tile in center of the floor or a large stack of plywood that was just too heavy for how the floor was engineered. The problem areas on my daughter's floor felt sort of hollow. If a board is laid into wet adhesive and raises up from the substrate before the adhesive cures, a hollow spot will occur. There is a small air gap allowing to absorb more “sound”. floating screed on a concrete slab and a hollow brick and concrete base floor. The consistent dislike is that the laminate floor sound hollow and loud. 0000007387 00000 n Helpful. 0000002087 00000 n 0000002768 00000 n Interested In... Floor joists sit on rubber inserts ensuring internal floor bases don't directly touch the structural floor. A hollow core slab, ... of soundproofing the floor needs to be covered with a soft floor covering that is able to dampen the sound of footsteps or a floating floor screed should be installed. Vinyl, Laminate or Hardwood floors installed over Sound Solution show a 75% improvement in impact sound attenuation. In terms of being 'cushiony', that will be determined on the underlayment used. 0000019247 00000 n Use a piece of insulation during the casting to form the needed gap between the wall and floor slab. By installing a high quality underlay, such as rubber, as opposed to low density foam, the acoustic effects of laminate flooring can be greatly reduced. Such floors have a naturally drummy sound throughout. Laminate flooring also has a load of positive over hardwood and ceramic floors. 5.0 out of 5 stars Exceed my expectations. 0000002045 00000 n 0000069511 00000 n Even with floating floors engineered generally … Is the floor making a cracking sound by itself or when you walk on it? The impact sound pressure level of bare base concrete floor (hollow reinforced concrete slab of 220 mm thick) was measured. The Sound: The other unique quality of walking across floating wood flooring is the “hollow sound” you may hear as your shoes come into contact with the surface. Floating floors can sometimes sound hollow when walked upon. Say goodbye to the annoying sound of hollow floors and pounding footsteps. It is best not to use a laminate under the 8mm thickness if you are concerned with the sound. Flooring Options That Are Easy on the Feet, Joints, and Back, Make the Most of Your Flooring Transitions. The flooring contractor labeled the situation an adhesive failure. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Floating Floors on your desktop or mobile device. Floating floors sit on absorption pads and aren’t secured to the joists. 0000001456 00000 n 0000001833 00000 n 0000008775 00000 n Floating floors are decoupled structures. One other tip to fight off the hollow sound from a floating floor, is to put down some area rugs on top of the laminate floors. Read more. Hey, Has anyone had … 0000009458 00000 n All looked okay, but there is a hollow spot in floating floor (now it’s all fitted where it creaks when you step on it, you can see the wood dip when you apply weight). Your weight stresses the interlocking … This is because the floating method doesn’t actually attach to the subfloor, and the small gap between the wood floor and the subfloor … 0000012933 00000 n hollow sound and cupping are totally unrelated. 20 Jun 2019. trailer 1 decade ago. Individual planks, boards, andin rare casestiles attach to each other, not to the subfloor. Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2019. Most laminate are 8mm thick. Last, a floating floor requires you to go with engineered flooring. When it comes to distinguishing between installing a floating floor vs a nail-down or glue-down type method, it is imperative that you weigh the good along with the bad before making any final decisions.One of the most obvious advantages that a floating floor has over a non-floating floor is ease of installation. 0000011045 00000 n This laminate underlayment has better acoustics than most others and it has many other health home features. PAROC stone wool under concrete slabs that are at least 50 mm thick is the optimal solution for floating floors. The underlayment serves a few purposes. adrian20. Vinyl, cork, and rubber have a fairly high NRC rating, with hardwood, bamboo, tile, and stone at the bottom of the scale for sound absorption. 11 people found this helpful. Please leave this field empty. These hollow spots can even detract from the overall visual and essence of a hardwood floor. Benefits of Soundproofing Vinyl Flooring. Many people specify and prefer living on a floating wood floor due to this “soft” feeling you get from walking across them. Even though most people think laminate floors are the only type that deals with a hollow sound when you walk across them, solid wood and engineered wood floors can also have this issue. Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company proudly serves Bald Head Island, Bolivia, Burgaw, Carolina Beach, Castle Hayne, Hampstead, Holden Beach, Jacksonville, Kure Beach, Leland, Long Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Porters Neck, Topsail Island, St. James Plantation, Shallotte, Southport, Sunset Beach, Surf City, Wallace, Whiteville, Wilmington, and Wrightsville Beach. H��Wˎ7��W�l[�DR�&r6|��8>� 8��@�H�L�x7N�\֬iJ�����]\�f�ِ]Kۺ��⛔���۟�_~۾^�]����l. When timber floors are fixed to battens over a slab, undulations in the slab or swelling According to Approved Document C, a floor is the 'lower horizontal surface of any space in a building, including finishes that are laid as part of the permanent construction.' Floorlot: Gold can be used for most floating floors in both residential and commercial applications. 0000002803 00000 n Laminate flooring is normally much more economical. This characteristic is due to the floating application used to install the laminate floors. The laminate floors are very stain and fade resistant as well. This will give you a solid surface and eleminate the hollow sound. Favorite Answer. Report abuse. 0000011470 00000 n Once a floating floor is installed it acts like one giant entity. Laminate flooring will snap and pop as you walk on it if it’s bridging across hollow spots under the flooring. 0000113144 00000 n 12.1 External resources Introduction . Laminate flooring has very good scratch resistant. Many of these potential problems can be mitigated by the installation of a good quality underlay. Using a Floating Floor For Soundproofing A floating floor is a separate floor that’s not glued or nailed to your subfloor. We favor the Quite Walk product. 0000012179 00000 n 0000049379 00000 n 0000111965 00000 n 0000087628 00000 n 0000011867 00000 n The 12mm seem to give a more solid sound. CarpetArea RugsHardwood FlooringLaminate FlooringTile FlooringNot Sure 0000005909 00000 n Anonymous. 0000085755 00000 n So, with these fantastic floor mats, you don’t have to worry about pulling that furniture across the room or making any loud sounds. If you install these floors using the floating method, you’ll want to make sure you use an underlayment before you begin. 18 Followers. by adrian20. %%EOF Laminate flooring is easy to take up when you want to make a flooring change. This also would help but it takes away from the economical plus to laminate flooring. For instance the laminate flooring is a floating floor and it is normally easier on your legs to stand on. This can be avoided by applying weight to these areas until curing. Listen to Floating Floors | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. Toronto. Morning (9a-Noon)Afternoon (Noon-6pm)Evening (6pm-9pm) If the entire tile floor sounds hollow, then it is likely because of the underlying conditions. Rather, the flooring threats in these rooms come in liquid form. Hollow sound in concrete basement floor?? Share . 18 58 So when you are ready to find your perfect laminate flooring, call Wilmington, N.C. … Verified Purchase . Like.